Combination Wall Bed & Home Office

The Space: A medium sized room in an older single family home currently serving as the husband’s home office/computer workshop. The room had not been updated in at least 20 years and needed a thorough remodel.

The Need: The clients wanted to combine an occasional guest room with a full time home office. The home office cabinetry had to house multiple CPUs and related computer and audio equipment. Since the husband often disassembles and works on his computers onsite there needed to be plenty of counter top space to spread out. Additionally, the cabinetry had to be sufficiently versatile to accommodate the ever-changing needs of newly purchased equipment. Ventilation, wire management and ease of access were paramount. The home office needed to be attractive and provide ample storage so that if guests arrived they could use a new built-in wall bed and feel comfortable in the room. Additionally,  a new closet needed to be integrated into the final design.

The Solution: InHouse provided the clients with several potential layouts for a new built-in closet, home office and wall bed. The chosen design positioned the bed and home office on opposite walls to maximize the available circulation when the bed was opened. The wall bed cabinet was designed to mimic the existing window casings in the room. It was painted the same color as the walls in order to “disappear” and make the room feel larger. “Hidden” storage and a pull-out nightstand are positioned to the left of the bed while the right side of the cabinet has a lit  display niche with shelves below, providing an attractive first impression of the wall bed cabinet as you walk into the room. The birdseye maple home office was built in an “L” shaped configuration that butts up against the new closet.  InHouse also consulted on the lighting and paint color.

Home Office Wall Before

Wall Bed Wall Before

Photo F-20: New Birdseye Maple Home Office

Photo F-21: Receiver compartment with ventilation

Photo F-22: CPU Cabinet 

Photo F-23: Corner Storage Pull-out

Photo F-24: New Wall Bed in closed position

Photo F-25: Wall Bed in open position

Photo F-26: Side of Wall Bed near room entrance