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Wall Bed  Design“InHouse Design Studio is proud to be the local representative for an innovative remote controlled wall bed called the Zoom-Room Bed. I chose to represent this product because of its uniqueness and its value to clients who were already turning to me for customized sleeping solutions. When a typical murphy bed is raised, the wall is essentially “dead”. The Zoom-Room bed’s advantage is that it allows for an “active” façade, which can house anything from an entertainment center to a library. With my custom cabinetry solutions, the potential for the Zoom-Room is just about endless and this is what most excites my clients.” – Mark Dutka

Do you own a small condo and want to avoid that ubiquitous “bedroom look” or the blank wall of a murphy bed? Perhaps you want to put your guests up in style and comfort in your pied-a-terre or pool house. A customized Zoom-Room wall bed by Mark Dutka can be the perfect solution. The Zoom-Room retractable wall bed is an exciting update to the traditional Murphy bed and Mark’s cabinetry designs can maximize your space without sacrificing utility, comfort or décor.

Whether the Zoom-Room bed is in your living room, home office or extra bedroom, Mark can custom design a solution that suits your lifestyle, budget and home environment. His design can either be for a single cabinet or a total room solution that can include a closet, desk, files, glass shelving – whatever your need.

How the Zoom Room retractable wall bed works

Unlike the typical Murphy wall bed, there is no wasted space when the Zoom Room retractable wall bed is in the “up” position. With the push of a button on a wireless remote, the bed quietly “floats” into the room from the bottom of a 24” deep custom designed cabinet, while the upper part of the cabinet (and everything in it) remains undisturbed. Push the button again and the mattress retracts, climbing into a vertical position and resting behind the flat screen TV, bookcases and/or display items housed in the front of the cabinet.

The Zoom Room wall bed has a high-density latex foam mattress, which rests on adjustable bowed wooden slats, a well-tested European solution which outshines box springs in terms of comfort, support and durability. The premium latex mattress, which uses standard sheets, is famous for its elasticity and ability to maintain shape even after tens of thousands of “bends” from vertical to horizontal. The Zoom Room can provide a comfortable sleeping solution for daily needs as well as a place for occasional overnight guests. InHouse Design Studio has a Zoom-Room bed on display in both of our locations for those who want to see this unique wall bed firsthand.

Mark’s wall bed solutions are not limited to the Zoom-Room. He can also design cabinetry for other types of wall beds if you feel that another mechanism is the right choice for your residence.

We invite you to view these examples of Mark Dutka’s Zoom-Room wall bed designs:

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