Wall Bed and Cabinets of Exotic Woods

The Space: A small secondary space in a two room home office that was used for back-office administrative functions.

The Need: While not sacrificing the utility of the space, the client wanted to turn it into an occasional guest room, showing off the “Zoom-Room” remote controlled wall bed to its maximum advantage. The design solution had to provide ample storage space for files, supplies and bedding. The solution had to complement other recent improvements in the home and was to demonstrate the use of more exotic woods in custom cabinetry work.

The Solution: A wall bed and cabinets of exotic woods was designed by InHouse. A compact and visually stunning solution in Avodire houses a queen size wall bed (activated by remote control), numerous file and storage drawers as well as a wenge cabinet for bedding with a pullout nightstand. An adjacent wall was outfitted with avodire veneer with a rift oak inlay, patterned to complement the book niches in the larger unit to its left. Lighting, electrical and color design services were provided as well.

Photo F-8: Wall Bed Closed


Photo F-9: Remote Controlled Bed Emerging


 Photo F-10: Bed in Open Position



Photo F-11: Multipurpose Storage Cabinet for bedding, files, pull-out nightstand