Traditional Cherry Home Office and Library

The Space: A recently purchased home less than a year old.

The Need: To design and build a traditionally inspired comprehensive home office and library for a retired client incorporating an entertainment area for state-of-the-art equipment in a large lower level space. An overly wide and long hallway adjacent to the space was to be integrated into the solution.

Photo H-36: Office Cabinet doors closed
Photo H-37: Cabinet doors open

The Solution: InHouse worked with the clients on dividing the large space into three distinct areas with one complimentary “look”. One area houses the office which was configured in a “U”. The office overlooks a second area devoted to seating and entertaining which is centered around a flat screen TV and visible from the office. A large cabinet under the TV hides the speakers and subwoofers while the multi-media equipment is housed in an adjacent niche.The perimeter walls contain open shelves which house part of the clients’ library. The remainder of their books was moved to the hall which was transformed into a library with an aesthetic that reflected that of the larger room.  This traditional cherry home office and library met all the clients’ needs and more. InHouse designed the lighting and electrical improvements and consulted on the room color.


Photo H-38: Media Room “After”
Hallway Before
Photo H-39: Hallway (now library) After
Photo H-40: Media Cabinet doors closed
Photo H-41: Media cabinet open