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Noe Valley Condo Renovation


The Space: A recently purchased condo in the Noe Valley Neighborhood of San Francisco that was to be the client’s second home. The condo had been updated in the mid 90s and the client, who has a strong design sensibility, wanted to refresh the unit and put his own aesthetic “stamp” on the premises. A full scale condo renovation was in order.

The Need: As part of the condo renovation, the client wanted to modify/update the kitchen and open up the wall between that room and the living room to allow more visual access between the two adjacent spaces. The Master Bedroom had a wall of closets that needed replacement with a customized storage solution. The bathrooms were to be totally redone and required custom vanities to complement the client’s choice of fixtures and finishes. The existing stair rail in the living room needed either reinforcement or replacement.

The Solution: After discussing the various alternatives with InHouse, the client decided to completely replace the existing kitchen. With substantial client input InHouse designed a new, more open space geared to the client’s lifestyle and culinary needs. Maple cabinets, honed limestone counter tops and ample wall space for the client’s art work resulted in a dramatically different space.

Custom cabinetry was also designed for the bathrooms and the master bedroom.  In the latter, a whole wall of cabinets replaced the original closets, providing elegance and utility for an entire wall of the bedroom. Additionally, InHouse identified a fabricator of custom stair railings and worked with the client and the artist on the design of the new railing which was a major design element in the living room. InHouse also introduced the General Contractor to the Client and consulted on other aspects of the overall renovation.

Photo K-30: New Kitchen


Sink Wall Before

Photo K-31: Sink Wall After

Stove Wall Before

Photo K-32: Stove Wall After

Before: Looking from living room into kitchen

Photo K-33: After, looking from living room into new kitchen

Stair Railing Before

New Stair railing under construction

Photo K-34: New stair rail completed

Master Bedroom Closet Wall Before

Photo K-35: Master Bedroom closet wall w/built-in cabinets

Photo K-36: New Master Bathroom Vanity

Photo K-37: New Guest Bath Vanity


Industrial Wall Bed

The Space: The main living area in a San Francisco loft.

The Need: An industrial wall bed cabinet containing both a remote-controlled wall bed and a TV. The clients wanted to be able to hide the TV when it was not in use. They asked for an industrial aesthetic to match the interior of their loft with the use of metal and an “interesting” light wood. Space for display and storage for bedding was also on their list.

Industrial Wall Bed

Photo F-16: Industrial Wall Bed

The Solution: The clients purchased a Zoom-Room Wall Bed from InHouse and we proceeded to design a custom cabinet which features a polished cold rolled steel frame juxtiposed against fiddleback anigre, a light wood of uncommon activity and beauty. There is an open lit display area with glass shelves on the left and, on the right, a TV behind three “3-Form” leaf patterned resin paneled doors which are rolled aside to cover the display area when the TV is in use. When the TV is off the doors are rolled back into place once again revealing the lit display area. Below the display area is a “hidden” storage cabinet for bedding.



Photo: F-17 Wall Bed With TV Hidden



Photo F-18: Doors rolled aside to reveal TV


Wall Bed Partially Open

Photo F-19: Wall Bed Partially Open



Photo F-20: Wall Bed In Open Position

Custom Cabinetry & Furniture from InHouse Design Studio

Custom Cabinets & Furniture“When possible, my designs build in ample space for storage. You never know what the next, latest-and-greatest technology is going to look like, and I want my clients to be able to accommodate the technology of the future, to the extent that one can predict such things! Storage of any type is a valuable commodity, and I am always trying to maximize it. “ – Mark Dutka

When you have a unique physical space that requires custom cabinetry or custom furniture, Mark Dutka can design exactly what you want. Whether you are setting up a home office in a hallway, planning for a wall unit in your family room to display your books and artwork, or looking for a little more storage space in your bathroom, Mark Dutka will design a beautiful and functional solution to meet your diverse needs.

Mark is widely known for his singular ability to create stunning, yet highly functional rooms and spaces in homes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. From “art furniture” that makes a strong visual statement to space-efficient and hidden wall beds for the occasional guest, Mark Dutka’s custom cabinetry and furniture is distinctive, yet practical.

We invite you to view these examples of Mark Dutka’s custom cabinetry and custom furniture design solutions:

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If you would like more information about Mark Dutka’s distinctive, custom cabinetry and custom furniture design, please contact InHouse Design Studio at: (415) 824-9266 (San Francisco Studio) or (707) 785-1928 (Sea Ranch Studio).


Entertainment Room Design from InHouse Design Studio

Entertainment room designer“An entertainment room means something different to everyone. Whether it be a multi-purpose space off the kitchen or a dedicated room with a 65” TV, audio-visual equipment and incredible surround sound speakers, InHouse can work with your audio visual technicians to design cabinetry and furniture to house the latest technology.” – Mark Dutka

Mark Dutka can design a beautiful entertainment room for your home that uniquely matches both your lifestyle and available space. Whether you have an expansive wall, a small alcove, a niche next to your fireplace or a special place for a cabinet, Mark will design a solution suited to the space and your equipment. Want to integrate a library or home office into your entertainment room? How about a hidden entertainment center or perhaps one that is the focus of attention? Mark can help. You identify the space, define the need and InHouse Design Studio will provide the solution.

Mark Dutka’s entertainment room designs feature rich natural materials, such as oak, cherry, walnut or mahogany or exotic wood veneers. He can also identify the perfect lighting enhancements, electrical improvements and colors to complete the redesign of your entertainment room.

We invite you to view these examples of Mark Dutka’s beautiful entertainment room designs:

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If you would like more information about Mark Dutka’s entertainment room design services, please contact InHouse Design Studio at: (415) 824-9266 (San Francisco Studio) or (707) 785-1928 (Sea Ranch Studio).

Wall Beds from InHouse Design Studio

Wall Bed  Design“InHouse Design Studio is proud to be the local representative for an innovative remote controlled wall bed called the Zoom-Room Bed. I chose to represent this product because of its uniqueness and its value to clients who were already turning to me for customized sleeping solutions. When a typical murphy bed is raised, the wall is essentially “dead”. The Zoom-Room bed’s advantage is that it allows for an “active” façade, which can house anything from an entertainment center to a library. With my custom cabinetry solutions, the potential for the Zoom-Room is just about endless and this is what most excites my clients.” – Mark Dutka

Do you own a small condo and want to avoid that ubiquitous “bedroom look” or the blank wall of a murphy bed? Perhaps you want to put your guests up in style and comfort in your pied-a-terre or pool house. A customized Zoom-Room wall bed by Mark Dutka can be the perfect solution. The Zoom-Room retractable wall bed is an exciting update to the traditional Murphy bed and Mark’s cabinetry designs can maximize your space without sacrificing utility, comfort or décor.

Whether the Zoom-Room bed is in your living room, home office or extra bedroom, Mark can custom design a solution that suits your lifestyle, budget and home environment. His design can either be for a single cabinet or a total room solution that can include a closet, desk, files, glass shelving – whatever your need.

How the Zoom Room retractable wall bed works

Unlike the typical Murphy wall bed, there is no wasted space when the Zoom Room retractable wall bed is in the “up” position. With the push of a button on a wireless remote, the bed quietly “floats” into the room from the bottom of a 24” deep custom designed cabinet, while the upper part of the cabinet (and everything in it) remains undisturbed. Push the button again and the mattress retracts, climbing into a vertical position and resting behind the flat screen TV, bookcases and/or display items housed in the front of the cabinet.

The Zoom Room wall bed has a high-density latex foam mattress, which rests on adjustable bowed wooden slats, a well-tested European solution which outshines box springs in terms of comfort, support and durability. The premium latex mattress, which uses standard sheets, is famous for its elasticity and ability to maintain shape even after tens of thousands of “bends” from vertical to horizontal. The Zoom Room can provide a comfortable sleeping solution for daily needs as well as a place for occasional overnight guests. InHouse Design Studio has a Zoom-Room bed on display in both of our locations for those who want to see this unique wall bed firsthand.

Mark’s wall bed solutions are not limited to the Zoom-Room. He can also design cabinetry for other types of wall beds if you feel that another mechanism is the right choice for your residence.

We invite you to view these examples of Mark Dutka’s Zoom-Room wall bed designs:

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If you would like more information about Mark Dutka’s custom Zoom-Room wall bed designs, please contact InHouse Design Studio at: (415) 824-9266 (San Francisco Studio) or (707) 785-1928 (Sea Ranch Studio).

Custom Kitchen & Bathroom Design from InHouse Design Studio

“To make a space both beautiful and functional, sometimes it’s simply a matter of envisioning the possibilities and working within the limitations.” – Mark Dutka

Do you have an older kitchen that makes it difficult to entertain guests? Do you yearn for an “open-plan” look in your home? Does your outdated bathroom lack modern conveniences and sufficient storage? Many clients call on Mark Dutka and InHouse Design Studio to help them modernize an outdated and under-utilized kitchen or bathroom by creating a custom kitchen or custom bathroom design.

Mark is widely known for the design of stunning multi-functional custom cabinetry and furniture built for homes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. He helps clients visualize their current space in new ways so that their home can more effectively support their lifestyle, work style and possessions. His kitchen and bathroom designs take every detail into consideration, including lighting, plumbing, material and color selection.

Mark’s custom kitchen designs address his clients’ daily living and entertaining needs in ways never before imagined. He has delighted clients who wished to maximize their kitchen storage and workspace, while allowing them to easily engage guests as they cook. Mark’s custom bathroom designs make the most effective use of available space. Floor to ceiling cabinets, full of personality, are often integrated into his designs, creating distinctive, yet practical solutions.

We invite you to view these examples of Mark Dutka’s custom kitchen and custom bathroom design work:

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If you would like more information about Mark Dutka’s custom kitchen designs and custom bathroom design services, please contact InHouse Design Studio at: (415) 824-9266 (San Francisco Studio) or (707) 785-1928 (Sea Ranch Studio).