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Industrial Wall Bed

The Space: The main living area in a San Francisco loft.

The Need: An industrial wall bed cabinet containing both a remote-controlled wall bed and a TV. The clients wanted to be able to hide the TV when it was not in use. They asked for an industrial aesthetic to match the interior of their loft with the use of metal and an “interesting” light wood. Space for display and storage for bedding was also on their list.

Industrial Wall Bed

Photo F-16: Industrial Wall Bed

The Solution: The clients purchased a Zoom-Room Wall Bed from InHouse and we proceeded to design a custom cabinet which features a polished cold rolled steel frame juxtiposed against fiddleback anigre, a light wood of uncommon activity and beauty. There is an open lit display area with glass shelves on the left and, on the right, a TV behind three “3-Form” leaf patterned resin paneled doors which are rolled aside to cover the display area when the TV is in use. When the TV is off the doors are rolled back into place once again revealing the lit display area. Below the display area is a “hidden” storage cabinet for bedding.



Photo: F-17 Wall Bed With TV Hidden



Photo F-18: Doors rolled aside to reveal TV


Wall Bed Partially Open

Photo F-19: Wall Bed Partially Open



Photo F-20: Wall Bed In Open Position