Sea Ranch Great Room Home Office

The Space: The Great Room in a second home in the coastal community of Sea Ranch in Northern California. This home had been used as a vacation rental by the former owner. The tired condition of the room and its furnishings reflected this use. The focus of the Great Room was a stone fireplace.

Great Room Before Photo H-18: Great Room After

The Need: A built-in home office to accommodate a part time occupant and his occasional guests with a desk top long enough for a couple of people to work simultaneously on laptops. The solution had to be ergonomic, have wire management capability and provide a well ventilated space for a laptop which would be docked and connected to a printer, scanner, large monitor and wireless keyboard.

It also had to include an accessible yet hidden space for a large printer, a modem, router and multi- media equipment which connected to a TV on the other side of the fireplace. Shelf space, file drawers, regular drawers and an additional cabinet for storage were also a must.

Home Office Area Before Photo H-19: Home Office Area After
Photo H-20: Tall Printer/Storage Cabinet Photo H-21: File Drawers

The Solution: InHouse designed a custom oak home office with a cerused finish and a dark red/brown stain to complement the Saltillo tile floor of the home. This design was part of a larger, whole-wall solution which included a remote controlled wall bed and entertainment center on the other side of the fireplace.

A tall cabinet which hugs the right side of the fireplace houses: files, several drawers, a compartment with a pocket door for the printer and scanner on a pull-out shelf, a ventilated space for the multi-media equipment and general storage. To the right are recessed shelves which complement those on the other side of the room.

In the corner, built into the desk top, is a ventilated, wire-managed compartment for the docked laptop and all the wiring necessary for connecting the peripherals. A long desk top (which can seat up to three people) faces a window on an adjacent wall and terminates with a divider that separates the home office from the entrance door to the home, providing privacy while at the same time letting light in through the divider’s inset glass panels.

Built into the desk top, under the window, there is a full length wire management trough which “swallows” all unsightly wires and channels them to the appropriate sources.

Photo H-22: Hinged Wiring Compartment Open & Closed Photo H-23: Glass Paneled Divider