Rift Oak Storage Closet and Bar

The Space: A compact, square, windowless entry space located adjacent to a multi-purpose room. This space initially housed the clients’ home office.

The Need: Cabinetry to house a dry bar, linens, bedding, clothes and other items requiring deep storage in order to make better use of this underutilized space which will serve as the entryway for a newly designed home office and library (see Rift Oak Home Office).


The Solution: The first thing one sees upon entering this entry space is a large built-in Rift Oak cabinet covering the entire wall. This multi-purpose cabinet contains pull-out shelves for deep storage, large drawers for linens and blankets, a full height closet with two clothes rods, and an internally lit dry bar for the occasional entertaining of guests in the adjacent library/guestroom. The new cabinet gives this small space “personality” and a purpose. Its details match that of the cabinetry and wood in the adjacent home office thereby providing an aesthetic cohesiveness to these newly redesigned areas. InHouse also consulted on the lighting design, electrical work and colors.

Rift Oak Storage ClosetPhoto F-1: Storage closet and bar closed Rift Oak Storage ClosetPhoto F-2 Storage closet and bar open