Multi-Purpose Wall Unit in Napa Valley

The Space: A large, prominently located wall of a recently built “Great Room” with a sloped ceiling.

The Need: A multi-purpose wall unit to house: a large fish tank with a hidden secondary tank and supportive aquarium equipment; a display space for the clients’ china; and shelves for the clients’ extensive collection of books.

The Solution: Utilizing the entire space, InHouse worked with the clients to create a warm, colorful, attractive and functional statement for this important wall. With strong horizontal elements defining the overall look, the lower part of the unit is largely devoted to the large fish tank which was placed at optimal viewing height. The cabinetry above and below the tank is designed to house the secondary overflow tank, aquarium equipment and lighting with ventilation incorporated into the design.

The display area for the china is highlighted/defined by a painted orange accent wall with part of the china housed behind sliding glass doors. The unit has open display shelves which abut a sliding glass door to diffuse the bulk of the cabinetry. The remaining wall space is occupied by adjustable bookshelves with a lighter framework so that they provide a backdrop for the more substantial cabinetry below. The decision was made to paint the unit so as not to compete with another built-in cherry wall unit across the room. InHouse designed and facilitated the installation of the cabinetry and the related electrical work.

Before: Laying out the Wall Unit

Photo F-19: Wall Unit During Construction Photo F-20: Completed Wall Unit