Home Office With A Hidden Door

The Space: A gutted rectangular room overlooking the water in an older Victorian home.

The Need: A home office for a retired couple that had to accommodate two distinct desk/work areas along with the clients’ computers, multiple printers and audio equipment. The clients also wanted the room to house their large collection of books, sheet music, and CDs.  A hidden bookcase/door which was to open into an adjacent guest room was also requested. They looked to InHouse to determine the aesthetics of the design.


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The Solution: A home office with a hidden door was not an everday request and posed an exciting challenge for InHouse. We began by designing a room where every surface, including the ceiling, is covered in fiddleback oak panels and rails with a natural finish. This home office features cabinet drawer and door faces which reflect an asian influence that also pick up the Victorian vocabulary of existing details in the home. Rift Oak cabinets and work surfaces hug the perimeter of the room providing ample work space to spread out while accommodating files, multiple printers and other equipment as well as miscellaneous storage. InHouse provided lighting and electrical consultation as well.

Photo H-27: Hidden Bookcase/door closed

Photo H-28: Hidden Bookcase/door open

Photo H-29: Printer cabinet #1 closed

Photo H-30: Printer cabinet #1 open

Photo H-31: Printer Cabinet #2 closed

Photo H-32: Printer Cabinet #2 Open

Photo H-33: Detail of panel, rail and crown molding