TV and Entertainment Wall in Marin

The Space: A living room in a mid-century home with a painted paneled wall and an inset fireplace with a cantilevered concrete shelf below. Upon entering the home, the wall was highly visible and served as a focal point for the main floor.

The Need: The Clients wanted InHouse to design a TV and entertainment wall for their living room with accommodation for multiple media components, surround sound speakers, storage for CDs and DVDs, and a seating area. They were especially interested in giving the wall some personality by warming it up and utilizing different materials. For the most part, the entertainment system was to be hidden and the TV was to “disappear” when not in use.


The Solution: InHouse designed a warm contemporary TV and entertainment wall of mahogany and slate to house the Clients’ entertainment components and address their other specified needs. The cabinetry, which protrudes from the main wall at various depths depending upon the function of the unit, creates an interesting rhythm on the wall. Where possible, it deeply penetrates the wall to allow for the Clients numerous stereo components to be stored in an almost invisible manner.

The TV cabinet above the fire box is, of necessity, quite shallow as it had to be designed not to interfere with the existing fireplace flu. When in use, its doors bifold out of the way exposing the TV. It easily closes up and becomes a sculptural extension of the rest of the cabinetry.

The existing concrete shelf below the fire box was cut down and incorporated into a new slate-covered container which houses the central speaker and some of the Clients’ art books. To its left is a mobile mahogany seating and storage unit (cushions not shown) which contains drawers in its base for CDs and DVDs and seating for two people. This unit can be moved around the room at will.

A lit display niche and a copper-lined firebox for logs gives added texture and utility to this TV & entertainment wall overall design solution. The entire wall is sheathed in 12” x 12” slate tiles that alternate with the 4” x 4” slate sheathing on the unit below the fire box. This dramatic design solution has given new life and personality to one of the most important rooms in the Clients’ home.

Photo: E14 TV Cabinet doors closed

Photo E14: TV Bifold Cabinet doors open