Custom Cabinetry & Furniture from InHouse Design Studio

Custom Cabinets & Furniture“When possible, my designs build in ample space for storage. You never know what the next, latest-and-greatest technology is going to look like, and I want my clients to be able to accommodate the technology of the future, to the extent that one can predict such things! Storage of any type is a valuable commodity, and I am always trying to maximize it. “ – Mark Dutka

When you have a unique physical space that requires custom cabinetry or custom furniture, Mark Dutka can design exactly what you want. Whether you are setting up a home office in a hallway, planning for a wall unit in your family room to display your books and artwork, or looking for a little more storage space in your bathroom, Mark Dutka will design a beautiful and functional solution to meet your diverse needs.

Mark is widely known for his singular ability to create stunning, yet highly functional rooms and spaces in homes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. From “art furniture” that makes a strong visual statement to space-efficient and hidden wall beds for the occasional guest, Mark Dutka’s custom cabinetry and furniture is distinctive, yet practical.

We invite you to view these examples of Mark Dutka’s custom cabinetry and custom furniture design solutions:

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If you would like more information about Mark Dutka’s distinctive, custom cabinetry and custom furniture design, please contact InHouse Design Studio at: (415) 824-9266 (San Francisco Studio) or (707) 785-1928 (Sea Ranch Studio).