Contemporary Oceanfront Home Office

The Space: A large hexagonal room encompassing the entire top floor of a contemporary home overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Mismatched home office furniture was centered in the room with the perimeter space occupied by built-in shelving units and cabinets (including a former dumbwaiter). An oceanfront home office renovation was needed.

Oceanfront Home Office DesignBefore Oceanfront Home Office DesignBefore

The Need: To provide an organized and multi-functional full time home office for a husband and wife who are also business partners. Each wanted a separate space to spread out and accommodate their numerous technological devices and personal memorabilia without forfeiting proximity for ease of collaboration. The mandate was to begin from scratch and reinvent the whole room. Ample storage, wire management, adjustable height desks and organizational components were to be integrated into the new design. The aesthetic was to be contemporary, clean, warm, earthy and unusual. They wanted to incorporate their love of plants into the solution.

The Solution: All existing cabinetry and furnishings were removed. The new home office was given more privacy by replacing an open railing at the home’s top landing with a half wall to create a visual barrier from the home’s entryway. This wall is capped in douglas fir and contains a copper planter box on top and a built-in bookshelf on the side facing the interior of the room.

Photo: H-1 Overview After
Stairway Before Photo H-2:  Stairway After

The office was then divided into several subareas, creating a hierarchy of spaces. The new design provided for: a library filing/display area with a copper sink inset in the mahogany countertop; two separate height adjustable desks on opposite sides of the room with individual storage and organizational options; work areas positioned to take maximum advantage of the dramatic views out the windows; a central conferencing area defined by a hexagonal table with a butterfly patterned burl wood inlaid top and a hidden outlet in its support column.

Photo H-3:  Conferencing Area

Photo H-4: File,Organizing  Cubbies and Copper Planter Photo H-5: Outlet Detail

Photo H-6: Copper sink

Photo H-7: Sit-Stand Adjustable Height Desk

Another feature was a recessed “den”/seating area, defined by a new archway, for relaxing and reading. One wall of the “den” contains a large inset cabinet that houses all the data wiring, printers and other equipment while providing general storage for the larger home office. All cabinetry is mahogany, stained in two tones. The design reflects a monochromatic “Mondrian” aesthetic composed of rectangles and complementary inset handles of various sizes defining the face of the cabinet doors and drawers.

Den Area Before Den Area During Renovation
Photo H-8: Wall Unit Den Photo H-9: Wall Unit Open

Copper boxes for the clients’ plants, pop up electrical outlets and wire management options are integrated into the design solution. New carpeting and recessed light fixtures were installed and the entire room repainted. InHouse was responsible for all aspects of the home office’s redesign including project management.