Modern Mahogany Media Cabinet

The Space: A recently constructed master bedroom with a large rectangular space off to the side that was left for the eventual construction of cabinetry.

The Need: To follow the clients’ original intent and fill in the available space with a cabinet which would house their sound and media components as well as offer room for books, general storage and display space.

Modern Mahogany Media CabinetBefore Modern Mahogany Media CabinetDuring Construction

The Solution: The obvious solution called for floor to ceiling cabinets to fill the small rectangular space but InHouse instead decided to “float” a modern mahogany media cabinet and have it extend to the right beyond the available space in order to achieve needed balance. In reality, only a shallow part of the façade of the cabinet extends beyond the space so no additional demolition was required for installation. The modern mahogany media cabinet protrudes several inches from the wall and has built-in lighting to accent some of the clients’ personal possession in a large display area. The inside of the cabinet houses the media equipment as well as several drawers for CDs, DVDs and misc. items. Since the space was originally built with a small access door in the rear to provide access to the back of any new cabinetry, wire management was easily handled. InHouse facilitated the electrical, framing and sheetrock work as well as the cabinetry design and installation.

Modern Mahogany Media CabinetPhoto E7: Modern Mahogany Media Cabinet
Modern Mahogany Media CabinetPhoto E-7: Media Equipment Storage