Contemporary Home Office and Guest Room

The Space: A guest bedroom and home office in a San Francisco home.

The Need: The clients wanted to replace a free standing desk and sleeper sofa with a cutomized home office solution that could accommodate a printer, scanner, multiple file drawers, lots of books and office supplies. A new queen sized bed was also to be housed in the room for the occasional guest. It was important that each component of the design solution be appropriately scaled so that the room would not look too busy. They wanted a warm, inviting space for both themselves and their guests.

The Solution: InHouse designed a single-wall home office solution that was long, low and contemporary with simple beveled edges on the drawer perimeters to make it appear as if the drawers “float” within the outer frame of the cabinet. The cabinetry was painted white in order to blend in with the white woodwork of the home. A solid walnut desk top with a beveled edge provides a dramatic link between the two home office storage cabinets. The home office houses: a printer in a pull-out drawer; a shredder on a pull-out shelf in its own cabinet; numerous files and many smaller drawers for office supplies. Wire management and power outlets were also built into the cabinetry. A complementary tall storage cabinet on an adjacent wall houses books and provides deep drawers for bedding, guest clothes and additional files. Additionally, this wall unit has a bar for a removeable ladder to access items on the upper shelves. When not in use, the ladder is hung on a rod in the corner behind the entry door. InHouse also assisted with the selection of the color for the room, the bedside lighting, and the bed.

Before: Former home office with sleeper sofa

Before: Former home office with sleeper sofa

Photo: H-72 New Home Office

Photo H-72: New Home Office

Walnut Desk Top Detail

Photo H-73: Walnut Desk Top Detail


Photo H-74: Beveled perimeter edges on drawers


Photo H-75: File Drawer

Shredder Cabinet

Photo H-77: Shredder Cabinet

Printer Cabinet

Photo H-76: Printer Cabinet



Photo H-78: Built-in power outlets

Wall Unit

Photo H-79: Wall unit with ladder