Cherry Home Office-Art Studio

The Space: An underutilized room in a single family home used as an occasional home office and art studio with “make-do” furnishings.



The Need: To create a special space for a home office for two and an art studio which resembles more a home library than a work space. The need was to maximize storage, book shelves, files and computer equipment while creating a welcoming warm environment as this room is in a highly visible location.




Photo H-49: Curved cabinet closed & open

Photo H-50: Art Area Photo H-51: Second Office Area

The Solution: InHouse designed a a new cherry home office-art studio that met all of the clients’ criteria. An entire new room was created within the former space. All electric, HVAC, lighting, electric, flooring and windows were replaced. The removal of a closet provided an ideal niche for the new art area which features a tilting laminate (for ease of cleaning) work surface, built-in laminate storage shelves and cherry cabinetry. The remainder of the room houses two separate computer work spaces, files and shelving. InHouse created a playful design for all storage/file cabinets as they serendipitously protrude/cantilever into the room beyond the shelving. The computer equipment is housed in a curved central cabinet with custom wood knobs that hug the curved surface. Within the storage unit, the two printers sit on pull-out shelves. The docking stations are hidden at the top of this cabinet in small compartments near each desk surface. Ample storage is also provided as is under cabinet lighting. InHouse designed a lit entry archway surrounding two French doors (not shown) and provided the carpeting and color consultation as well.