Compact Cherry Desk System For Two

The Space: A very small room a few steps up from the main living level that was wedged between a hallway and the living room. The bulk of the storage space in the room was located in a small cabinet area built in over the stairway ceiling from the adjacent hallway.

The Need: The room was used as a full time home office and needed to be completely revamped to house two workers, a multitude of computers and equipment (the Client’s profession), CDs, books and misc. storage. The Clients wanted a soft, warm contemporary look. All equipment (except for one monitor) was to be out of site with ample room provided in adjacent cabinetry for misc. equipment and wire management. The Clients wanted the space to be “special” yet utilitarian and as inviting as the rest of their home since the new office was easily visible to visitors.

cherry desk systemPhoto H-63: Compact Custom Desk For Two

The Solution: InHouse demolished the existing cabinetry and expanded and rebuilt the closet area to maximize use of the space with a new cherry desk system. On one side shelves were created for CDs and tech books while an adjacent cabinet housed two computers with associated wire management and electrical outlets included. Another cabinet (not pictured) was created to house a printer on a pullout shelf as well provide additional storage, making use of “dead” space located above the adjacent stairway ceiling. Book and CD shelves were added in an existing niche as well. The primary work area was designed as a working “jewel” for two people. The Cherry desk system was made of Cherry wood with a solid, bowed edge detail which sweeps from right to left. The two work areas are bisected by a stepped storage cabinet which provides drawer, file and cabinet space for both workers. Glass shelves cantilever from each side of the upper cabinet and are highlighted by recessed cabinet lights. The whole area is capped by a niche for books. Across the room, a cantilevered bow shaped shelf (not shown) mimics the main work surface and was installed to hold artifacts. InHouse also provided other services including: color consultation, lighting and electrical design and carpeting selection, purchase and installation.