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Wall Bed  Design“InHouse Design Studio is proud to be the local representative for an innovative remote controlled wall bed called the Zoom-Room Bed. I chose to represent this product because of its uniqueness and its value to clients who were already turning to me for customized sleeping solutions. When a typical murphy bed is raised, the wall is essentially “dead”. The Zoom-Room bed’s advantage is that it allows for an “active” façade, which can house anything from an entertainment center to a library. With my custom cabinetry solutions, the potential for the Zoom-Room is just about endless and this is what most excites my clients.” – Mark Dutka

Do you own a small condo and want to avoid that ubiquitous “bedroom look” or the blank wall of a murphy bed? Perhaps you want to put your guests up in style and comfort in your pied-a-terre or pool house. A customized Zoom-Room wall bed by Mark Dutka can be the perfect solution. The Zoom-Room retractable wall bed is an exciting update to the traditional Murphy bed and Mark’s cabinetry designs can maximize your space without sacrificing utility, comfort or décor.

Whether the Zoom-Room bed is in your living room, home office or extra bedroom, Mark can custom design a solution that suits your lifestyle, budget and home environment. His design can either be for a single cabinet or a total room solution that can include a closet, desk, files, glass shelving – whatever your need.

How the Zoom Room retractable wall bed works

Unlike the typical Murphy wall bed, there is no wasted space when the Zoom Room retractable wall bed is in the “up” position. With the push of a button on a wireless remote, the bed quietly “floats” into the room from the bottom of a 24” deep custom designed cabinet, while the upper part of the cabinet (and everything in it) remains undisturbed. Push the button again and the mattress retracts, climbing into a vertical position and resting behind the flat screen TV, bookcases and/or display items housed in the front of the cabinet.

The Zoom Room wall bed has a high-density latex foam mattress, which rests on adjustable bowed wooden slats, a well-tested European solution which outshines box springs in terms of comfort, support and durability. The premium latex mattress, which uses standard sheets, is famous for its elasticity and ability to maintain shape even after tens of thousands of “bends” from vertical to horizontal. The Zoom Room can provide a comfortable sleeping solution for daily needs as well as a place for occasional overnight guests. InHouse Design Studio has a Zoom-Room bed on display in both of our locations for those who want to see this unique wall bed firsthand.

Mark’s wall bed solutions are not limited to the Zoom-Room. He can also design cabinetry for other types of wall beds if you feel that another mechanism is the right choice for your residence.

We invite you to view these examples of Mark Dutka’s Zoom-Room wall bed designs:

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If you would like more information about Mark Dutka’s custom Zoom-Room wall bed designs, please contact InHouse Design Studio at: (415) 824-9266 (San Francisco Studio) or (707) 785-1928 (Sea Ranch Studio).

Carving Out A Guest Room with a “murphy bed” in San Francisco

The Space: The ground floor of a large San Francisco home divided into two separate areas. One space was used as a playroom/ TV room while the other was under-utilized, providing storage and additional play space for the children. This part of the home was inexpensively renovated about a decade ago and was due for an upgrade to complement the rest of the home.

The Need: The clients wanted a bedroom for guests that could be entirely separate from the play/TV area but at the same time be used for additional play space when the guest quarters were not being used. Their wish list included a closet with built-ins to accommodate guests and a desk for occasional family use.

The Solution: InHouse’s redesign provided for the reframing of the two entrances to the new guest quarters thereby allowing it to function as a separate space when the two custom designed Japanese-style mahogany sliding doors were closed. InHouse designed a closet with built-in storage on one wall of the new guest room. A “murphy” bed was determined to be the best solution for guests given the intended dual use for the room and the limitations of the space. The new bed wall was reframed and is sheathed in mahogany paneling on three sides which in effect creates a mahogany “box”. Custom bifold mahogany doors with dramatic pomelle sapele recessed panels fold back to reveal a queen sized wall bed. Additionally, a built-in mahogany desk with pomelle sapele drawer fronts is positioned underneath a window facing the rear yard.Radiant floor heating and a new wood floor were installed throughout the two rooms. All interior ground floor doors and hardware were upgraded and a new ground floor front entry door was designed to reflect the style of the home and the clients’ taste. InHouse also provided color and lighting consultation services.

Before: Closet Wall

Photo F-27: New Closet Wall

Photo F-28: Interior of new closet with built-in storage

Before: Bed Wall

Under Construction: New Bed Wall

Photo F-29: New Guest Room Bed Wall



New Bed Wall with murphy bed in raised position

Photo F-30: New murphy bed opened

Photo F-31 Pomelle Sapele Panel Doors

Before: Desk Wall

Photo F-32: New Desk

Photo F-33: Custom Japanense-style Sliding Door

Photo F-34: Custom Exterior Entry Door

Industrial Wall Bed

The Space: The main living area in a San Francisco loft.

The Need: An industrial wall bed cabinet containing both a remote-controlled wall bed and a TV. The clients wanted to be able to hide the TV when it was not in use. They asked for an industrial aesthetic to match the interior of their loft with the use of metal and an “interesting” light wood. Space for display and storage for bedding was also on their list.

Industrial Wall Bed

Photo F-16: Industrial Wall Bed

The Solution: The clients purchased a Zoom-Room Wall Bed from InHouse and we proceeded to design a custom cabinet which features a polished cold rolled steel frame juxtiposed against fiddleback anigre, a light wood of uncommon activity and beauty. There is an open lit display area with glass shelves on the left and, on the right, a TV behind three “3-Form” leaf patterned resin paneled doors which are rolled aside to cover the display area when the TV is in use. When the TV is off the doors are rolled back into place once again revealing the lit display area. Below the display area is a “hidden” storage cabinet for bedding.



Photo: F-17 Wall Bed With TV Hidden



Photo F-18: Doors rolled aside to reveal TV


Wall Bed Partially Open

Photo F-19: Wall Bed Partially Open



Photo F-20: Wall Bed In Open Position

Entertainment Center and Wall Bed

The Space: The Great Room in a second home in the coastal community of Sea Ranch in Northern California. This home had been used as a vacation rental by the former owner. The tired condition of the room and its furnishings reflected this use. The focus of the Great Room was a stone fireplace.

The Need: To provide sleeping arrangements in the Great Room for up to two additional guests without resorting to a sleeper sofa and to create an entertainment wall with a smart TV and sound bar with bookshelves for display.

 Before Photo E-1:  After

The Solution: InHouse designed a large rift oak cabinet for an entertainment center and wall bed on the left side of the great room fireplace. The “invisible” remote controlled queen size wall bed, the flat screen TV and floating display shelves are part of a larger, whole-wall solution which included a custom home office on the other side of the fireplace.

This unique design allows for the entertainment center and wall bed to remain functional/stationery even if the bed is in use. When the remote is pressed the mattress (which is stored vertically behind the TV wall) bends and emerges from the lower part of the cabinet which becomes the foot board for the bed. Since this lower cabinet is designed to look as if it is a built-in storage unit, unsuspecting visitors are quite surprised by the transformation that takes place.

The oak cabinetry has a cerused finish with a dark red/brown stain to complement the Saltillo tile floor of the home. InHouse is the local representative for the “Zoom-Room” remote controlled bed.

Photo E-2: Entertainment Center/Wall Bed
Photo E-3: Bed Emerging Photo E-4: Bed Fully Extended

Macassar Ebony Remote Controlled Wall Bed

The Space: The den of a new luxury condo with 11’-0” ceilings in downtown San Francisco.

The Need: This prominent space off the living room required a dramatic statement to house a wall bed for the occasional guest and a display cabinet for the client’s artwork. The solution needed to  incorporate: the “Zoom-Room” Remote Controlled Wall Bed; display space for three statues, and a painting; two bedside tables; file cabinets; and room for general storage.

Remote Controlled Wall BedBefore

The Solution: A macassar ebony remote controlled wall bed cabinet was designed to bring both drama and function to the space. The queen size wall bed is housed in two bowed cabinets of macassar ebony which project from a main cabinet of ebonized eucalyptus.  The bowed cabinets contain pull-out bedside tables, file cabinets, space for general storage and a printer on a pull-out shelf and organizers for the client’s paperwork. The cabinet features niche lights over the statues, uplight/cove lighting on the top which reflects off the ceiling, and directed lighting over the painting. InHouse was responsible for the fabrication and design of the cabinetry and the electrical design. Choice of cabinet wood, stain and other furnishings made by others.

Remote Controlled Wall BedPhoto F12: Under Construction in Shop. Wall bed mechanism is in center of cabinet Remote Controlled Wall BedPhoto F-13: Construction in Shop, partially stained
Remote Controlled Wall BedPhoto F-14: Nearing Completion Remote Controlled Wall BedPhoto F-15: Finished Cabinet (Wall bed is retracted (furnishings by others)

Wall Bed and Cabinets of Exotic Woods

The Space: A small secondary space in a two room home office that was used for back-office administrative functions.

The Need: While not sacrificing the utility of the space, the client wanted to turn it into an occasional guest room, showing off the “Zoom-Room” remote controlled wall bed to its maximum advantage. The design solution had to provide ample storage space for files, supplies and bedding. The solution had to complement other recent improvements in the home and was to demonstrate the use of more exotic woods in custom cabinetry work.

The Solution: A wall bed and cabinets of exotic woods was designed by InHouse. A compact and visually stunning solution in Avodire houses a queen size wall bed (activated by remote control), numerous file and storage drawers as well as a wenge cabinet for bedding with a pullout nightstand. An adjacent wall was outfitted with avodire veneer with a rift oak inlay, patterned to complement the book niches in the larger unit to its left. Lighting, electrical and color design services were provided as well.

Photo F-8: Wall Bed Closed


Photo F-9: Remote Controlled Bed Emerging


 Photo F-10: Bed in Open Position



Photo F-11: Multipurpose Storage Cabinet for bedding, files, pull-out nightstand

Combination Wall Bed & Home Office

The Space: A medium sized room in an older single family home currently serving as the husband’s home office/computer workshop. The room had not been updated in at least 20 years and needed a thorough remodel.

The Need: The clients wanted to combine an occasional guest room with a full time home office. The home office cabinetry had to house multiple CPUs and related computer and audio equipment. Since the husband often disassembles and works on his computers onsite there needed to be plenty of counter top space to spread out. Additionally, the cabinetry had to be sufficiently versatile to accommodate the ever-changing needs of newly purchased equipment. Ventilation, wire management and ease of access were paramount. The home office needed to be attractive and provide ample storage so that if guests arrived they could use a new built-in wall bed and feel comfortable in the room. Additionally,  a new closet needed to be integrated into the final design.

The Solution: InHouse provided the clients with several potential layouts for a new built-in closet, home office and wall bed. The chosen design positioned the bed and home office on opposite walls to maximize the available circulation when the bed was opened. The wall bed cabinet was designed to mimic the existing window casings in the room. It was painted the same color as the walls in order to “disappear” and make the room feel larger. “Hidden” storage and a pull-out nightstand are positioned to the left of the bed while the right side of the cabinet has a lit  display niche with shelves below, providing an attractive first impression of the wall bed cabinet as you walk into the room. The birdseye maple home office was built in an “L” shaped configuration that butts up against the new closet.  InHouse also consulted on the lighting and paint color.

Home Office Wall Before

Wall Bed Wall Before

Photo F-20: New Birdseye Maple Home Office

Photo F-21: Receiver compartment with ventilation

Photo F-22: CPU Cabinet 

Photo F-23: Corner Storage Pull-out

Photo F-24: New Wall Bed in closed position

Photo F-25: Wall Bed in open position

Photo F-26: Side of Wall Bed near room entrance