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Custom Cabinets & Furniture“When possible, my designs build in ample space for storage. You never know what the next, latest-and-greatest technology is going to look like, and I want my clients to be able to accommodate the technology of the future, to the extent that one can predict such things! Storage of any type is a valuable commodity, and I am always trying to maximize it. “ – Mark Dutka

When you have a unique physical space that requires custom cabinetry or custom furniture, Mark Dutka can design exactly what you want. Whether you are setting up a home office in a hallway, planning for a wall unit in your family room to display your books and artwork, or looking for a little more storage space in your bathroom, Mark Dutka will design a beautiful and functional solution to meet your diverse needs.

Mark is widely known for his singular ability to create stunning, yet highly functional rooms and spaces in homes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. From “art furniture” that makes a strong visual statement to space-efficient and hidden wall beds for the occasional guest, Mark Dutka’s custom cabinetry and furniture is distinctive, yet practical.

We invite you to view these examples of Mark Dutka’s custom cabinetry and custom furniture design solutions:

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If you would like more information about Mark Dutka’s distinctive, custom cabinetry and custom furniture design, please contact InHouse Design Studio at: (415) 824-9266 (San Francisco Studio) or (707) 785-1928 (Sea Ranch Studio).


Carving Out A Guest Room with a “murphy bed” in San Francisco

The Space: The ground floor of a large San Francisco home divided into two separate areas. One space was used as a playroom/ TV room while the other was under-utilized, providing storage and additional play space for the children. This part of the home was inexpensively renovated about a decade ago and was due for an upgrade to complement the rest of the home.

The Need: The clients wanted a bedroom for guests that could be entirely separate from the play/TV area but at the same time be used for additional play space when the guest quarters were not being used. Their wish list included a closet with built-ins to accommodate guests and a desk for occasional family use.

The Solution: InHouse’s redesign provided for the reframing of the two entrances to the new guest quarters thereby allowing it to function as a separate space when the two custom designed Japanese-style mahogany sliding doors were closed. InHouse designed a closet with built-in storage on one wall of the new guest room. A “murphy” bed was determined to be the best solution for guests given the intended dual use for the room and the limitations of the space. The new bed wall was reframed and is sheathed in mahogany paneling on three sides which in effect creates a mahogany “box”. Custom bifold mahogany doors with dramatic pomelle sapele recessed panels fold back to reveal a queen sized wall bed. Additionally, a built-in mahogany desk with pomelle sapele drawer fronts is positioned underneath a window facing the rear yard.Radiant floor heating and a new wood floor were installed throughout the two rooms. All interior ground floor doors and hardware were upgraded and a new ground floor front entry door was designed to reflect the style of the home and the clients’ taste. InHouse also provided color and lighting consultation services.

Before: Closet Wall

Photo F-27: New Closet Wall

Photo F-28: Interior of new closet with built-in storage

Before: Bed Wall

Under Construction: New Bed Wall

Photo F-29: New Guest Room Bed Wall



New Bed Wall with murphy bed in raised position

Photo F-30: New murphy bed opened

Photo F-31 Pomelle Sapele Panel Doors

Before: Desk Wall

Photo F-32: New Desk

Photo F-33: Custom Japanense-style Sliding Door

Photo F-34: Custom Exterior Entry Door

Noe Valley Condo Renovation


The Space: A recently purchased condo in the Noe Valley Neighborhood of San Francisco that was to be the client’s second home. The condo had been updated in the mid 90s and the client, who has a strong design sensibility, wanted to refresh the unit and put his own aesthetic “stamp” on the premises. A full scale condo renovation was in order.

The Need: As part of the condo renovation, the client wanted to modify/update the kitchen and open up the wall between that room and the living room to allow more visual access between the two adjacent spaces. The Master Bedroom had a wall of closets that needed replacement with a customized storage solution. The bathrooms were to be totally redone and required custom vanities to complement the client’s choice of fixtures and finishes. The existing stair rail in the living room needed either reinforcement or replacement.

The Solution: After discussing the various alternatives with InHouse, the client decided to completely replace the existing kitchen. With substantial client input InHouse designed a new, more open space geared to the client’s lifestyle and culinary needs. Maple cabinets, honed limestone counter tops and ample wall space for the client’s art work resulted in a dramatically different space.

Custom cabinetry was also designed for the bathrooms and the master bedroom.  In the latter, a whole wall of cabinets replaced the original closets, providing elegance and utility for an entire wall of the bedroom. Additionally, InHouse identified a fabricator of custom stair railings and worked with the client and the artist on the design of the new railing which was a major design element in the living room. InHouse also introduced the General Contractor to the Client and consulted on other aspects of the overall renovation.

Photo K-30: New Kitchen


Sink Wall Before

Photo K-31: Sink Wall After

Stove Wall Before

Photo K-32: Stove Wall After

Before: Looking from living room into kitchen

Photo K-33: After, looking from living room into new kitchen

Stair Railing Before

New Stair railing under construction

Photo K-34: New stair rail completed

Master Bedroom Closet Wall Before

Photo K-35: Master Bedroom closet wall w/built-in cabinets

Photo K-36: New Master Bathroom Vanity

Photo K-37: New Guest Bath Vanity


Contemporary Storage/Home Office Wall of Cabinets

The Space: A wall across from the kitchen in a new, open-plan condo in San Francisco. The wall is in a narrow area which provides access to the rear of the home where the dining and living spaces (as well as to two secondary bedrooms, a bathroom and laundry area) are found.

The Need: The clients wanted InHouse to design a contemporary storage/home office wall of cabinets with one cabinet specifically devoted to a computer station. The solution had to be clean, contemporary and integrate natural walnut.  The design could not intrude  (visually or practically) into this narrow space which is both part of the kitchen and a “pathway” to the rear of the unit.





The Solution: A new wall of cabinetry, painted to match the rest of the condo, provides a distinguished yet almost invisible solution.  Prominently centered amidst the white cabinets is a walnut bookcase with three drawers. The tall cabinet on the extreme right houses the computer station and was designed to house a monitor, a pullout keyboard shelf, and one adjustable shelf. To maintain the desired clean appearance all hardware was hidden. This contemporary Storage/Home Office Wall is framed in walnut, making it look like the cabinets are “wrapped in a walnut box”. The adjacent walnut wall in the living room adds color, warmth, and personality by helping set this space apart from the rest of the condo. The design is simple, functional yet dramatic. The new cabinets compliment the nearby kitchen cabinets and dignify the transition from the front of the front of the condo to the rear.

New Wall of Cabinets as seen from living room

Photo H-78: New Wall of Cabinets as seen from living room


Photo H-79: New Wall of Cabinets as seen from entry


Photo H-80: Computer Work Station