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Entertainment room designer“An entertainment room means something different to everyone. Whether it be a multi-purpose space off the kitchen or a dedicated room with a 65” TV, audio-visual equipment and incredible surround sound speakers, InHouse can work with your audio visual technicians to design cabinetry and furniture to house the latest technology.” – Mark Dutka

Mark Dutka can design a beautiful entertainment room for your home that uniquely matches both your lifestyle and available space. Whether you have an expansive wall, a small alcove, a niche next to your fireplace or a special place for a cabinet, Mark will design a solution suited to the space and your equipment. Want to integrate a library or home office into your entertainment room? How about a hidden entertainment center or perhaps one that is the focus of attention? Mark can help. You identify the space, define the need and InHouse Design Studio will provide the solution.

Mark Dutka’s entertainment room designs feature rich natural materials, such as oak, cherry, walnut or mahogany or exotic wood veneers. He can also identify the perfect lighting enhancements, electrical improvements and colors to complete the redesign of your entertainment room.

We invite you to view these examples of Mark Dutka’s beautiful entertainment room designs:

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TV and Entertainment Wall in Marin

The Space: A living room in a mid-century home with a painted paneled wall and an inset fireplace with a cantilevered concrete shelf below. Upon entering the home, the wall was highly visible and served as a focal point for the main floor.

The Need: The Clients wanted InHouse to design a TV and entertainment wall for their living room with accommodation for multiple media components, surround sound speakers, storage for CDs and DVDs, and a seating area. They were especially interested in giving the wall some personality by warming it up and utilizing different materials. For the most part, the entertainment system was to be hidden and the TV was to “disappear” when not in use.


The Solution: InHouse designed a warm contemporary TV and entertainment wall of mahogany and slate to house the Clients’ entertainment components and address their other specified needs. The cabinetry, which protrudes from the main wall at various depths depending upon the function of the unit, creates an interesting rhythm on the wall. Where possible, it deeply penetrates the wall to allow for the Clients numerous stereo components to be stored in an almost invisible manner.

The TV cabinet above the fire box is, of necessity, quite shallow as it had to be designed not to interfere with the existing fireplace flu. When in use, its doors bifold out of the way exposing the TV. It easily closes up and becomes a sculptural extension of the rest of the cabinetry.

The existing concrete shelf below the fire box was cut down and incorporated into a new slate-covered container which houses the central speaker and some of the Clients’ art books. To its left is a mobile mahogany seating and storage unit (cushions not shown) which contains drawers in its base for CDs and DVDs and seating for two people. This unit can be moved around the room at will.

A lit display niche and a copper-lined firebox for logs gives added texture and utility to this TV & entertainment wall overall design solution. The entire wall is sheathed in 12” x 12” slate tiles that alternate with the 4” x 4” slate sheathing on the unit below the fire box. This dramatic design solution has given new life and personality to one of the most important rooms in the Clients’ home.

Photo: E14 TV Cabinet doors closed

Photo E14: TV Bifold Cabinet doors open

Fireplace and TV Wall

The Space: A utilitarian family room fireplace and TV wall in a new home.

The Need: A total redo of the wall with a more traditional aesthetic to give it personality while not sacrificing utility. The function of the wall was to remain the same.

Fireplace and TV Wall


The Solution: The entire family room fireplace and TV wall was redesigned by InHouse. The firebox was lowered and a traditionally inspired brick hearth and mantle was installed. A tongue & groove wall painted a warm cream color defines the overall space. Open shelves and an adjacent storage cabinet with doors that pocket house the flat screen TV and peripherals. A built-in niche for stacked wood (not shown) and crown molding throughout the room completed the new space. Paint consultation, electrical, cabinetry and fireplace improvements were all facilitated by InHouse.

Fireplace and TV Wall

Photo E-11: New Fireplace/Entertainment Center Wall

Fireplace and TV Wall

Photo E12: Entertainment Cabinet doors open

Fireplace and TV Wall

Photo E-12: Entertainment Cabinet doors closed

Traditional Cherry Entertainment Room

The Space: A recently purchased home less than a year old.

The Need: To design and build a Traditional Cherry Entertainment Room inspired by a comprehensive home office for a retired client incorporating an entertainment area with state-of-the-art equipment in a large lower level space.

The Solution: InHouse worked with the clients on dividing the large space into three distinct areas with one complimentary “look.” One area houses the office while the multimedia equipment is housed in an adjacent niche. Another area provides seating and entertainment centered around the flat screen TV. The TV is also visible from the home office across the room. A large cabinet under the TV hides the speakers and subwoofers while the perimeter walls contain open shelves which house part of the clients’ library. This traditional cherry entertainment room was exactly what the client ordered. InHouse designed the lighting and electrical improvements and consulted on the room color. Electrical, cabinetry and sheetrock improvements were all facilitated by InHouse for this Traditional Cherry Entertainment Room.

Traditional Cherry Entertainment RoomPhoto E-8: Media Room
Traditional Cherry Entertainment RoomPhoto E-9 Media cabinet doors closed Traditional Cherry Entertainment RoomPhoto E-10: Media cabinet doors open

Walnut Entertainment Center

The Space: A multi-media room

The Need: The Client asked InHouse to design a multimedia cabinet to contain a new flat screenTV, his audio components as well as his CDs and DVDs. A clean contemporary look was requested with a long, low profile.

The Solution: InHouse designed a two tone walnut entertainment center divided into three components: a central TV cabinet with bifolding/pocketing doors (which can be hidden when open) and two side storage compartments for audio equipment. There are three lower storage drawers for DVDs as well. Custom walnut pulls were designed and fabricated to strengthen the design statement. Wire management and ventilation were incorporated throughout the Walnut Entertainment Center.

Walnut Entertainment CenterPhoto E-15: Walnut Entertainment Center Walnut Entertainment CenterPhoto E-16: Detail of Walnut Cabinet

Entertainment Center and Wall Bed

The Space: The Great Room in a second home in the coastal community of Sea Ranch in Northern California. This home had been used as a vacation rental by the former owner. The tired condition of the room and its furnishings reflected this use. The focus of the Great Room was a stone fireplace.

The Need: To provide sleeping arrangements in the Great Room for up to two additional guests without resorting to a sleeper sofa and to create an entertainment wall with a smart TV and sound bar with bookshelves for display.

 Before Photo E-1:  After

The Solution: InHouse designed a large rift oak cabinet for an entertainment center and wall bed on the left side of the great room fireplace. The “invisible” remote controlled queen size wall bed, the flat screen TV and floating display shelves are part of a larger, whole-wall solution which included a custom home office on the other side of the fireplace.

This unique design allows for the entertainment center and wall bed to remain functional/stationery even if the bed is in use. When the remote is pressed the mattress (which is stored vertically behind the TV wall) bends and emerges from the lower part of the cabinet which becomes the foot board for the bed. Since this lower cabinet is designed to look as if it is a built-in storage unit, unsuspecting visitors are quite surprised by the transformation that takes place.

The oak cabinetry has a cerused finish with a dark red/brown stain to complement the Saltillo tile floor of the home. InHouse is the local representative for the “Zoom-Room” remote controlled bed.

Photo E-2: Entertainment Center/Wall Bed
Photo E-3: Bed Emerging Photo E-4: Bed Fully Extended

Sea Ranch Living Room Bookcase and Entertainment Wall

The Space: The main living room wall in a home located in the coastal community of Sea Ranch California.

Photo: E16 Before


Photo E16: Living Room Wall After

Photo E-16: Living Room Wall After

The Need: The client wanted to replace an existing douglas fir wall of bookshelves with an updated design that would complement the style of her home and enhance but not overwhelm the living room. The use for the new wall was to remain essentially the same (for books and display) but she wanted InHouse to integrate a new flat screen TV and supporting components along with her CD and DVD collection. She requested a bit of drama in the design but was not sure what direction that should take.

Photo: E17 Before


Photo: E17 Living Room Wall After

Photo E-17: Living Room Wall After

The Solution: InHouse designed the new wall so that it no longer read as one long storage unit. The new symmetric design has two individual cabinets for books and display items surrounding an open central wall for the TV with a component cabinet beneath. The primary wood utilized was maple (a wood common to many Sea Ranch homes). The maple was then selectively accented by a chestnut burl veneer to add “activity” and drama. The central TV wall is all burl, as is most of the lower component cabinet while the burl is used more sparingly on the two bookcases, relegated to the perimeter moulding in a tone-on-tone theme.
The result was exactly what the client wanted since the design complemented her other furnishings and added the requested drama to a wall that was formerly a simple storage solution for her books. InHouse also added dimmable LED uplights which were hidden in the top of the two bookcases. This lighting accented the room’s angled ceiling while adding essential illumination which could be dimmed according to the client’s needs.


Photo: E18 Media Cabinet Chestnut Burl Detail

Photo E-18: Media Cabinet Chestnut Burl Detail

Photo: E19 Bookcase Chestnut Burl Detail

Photo E-19: Bookcase Chestnut Burl Detail

Modern Mahogany Media Cabinet

The Space: A recently constructed master bedroom with a large rectangular space off to the side that was left for the eventual construction of cabinetry.

The Need: To follow the clients’ original intent and fill in the available space with a cabinet which would house their sound and media components as well as offer room for books, general storage and display space.

Modern Mahogany Media CabinetBefore Modern Mahogany Media CabinetDuring Construction

The Solution: The obvious solution called for floor to ceiling cabinets to fill the small rectangular space but InHouse instead decided to “float” a modern mahogany media cabinet and have it extend to the right beyond the available space in order to achieve needed balance. In reality, only a shallow part of the façade of the cabinet extends beyond the space so no additional demolition was required for installation. The modern mahogany media cabinet protrudes several inches from the wall and has built-in lighting to accent some of the clients’ personal possession in a large display area. The inside of the cabinet houses the media equipment as well as several drawers for CDs, DVDs and misc. items. Since the space was originally built with a small access door in the rear to provide access to the back of any new cabinetry, wire management was easily handled. InHouse facilitated the electrical, framing and sheetrock work as well as the cabinetry design and installation.

Modern Mahogany Media CabinetPhoto E7: Modern Mahogany Media Cabinet
Modern Mahogany Media CabinetPhoto E-7: Media Equipment Storage

Contemporary Entertainment and Display Cabinet

The Space: A recently constructed great room consisting of two dining areas, a large seating area and a new kitchen.

The Need: To design and build a contemporary entertainment and display cabinet that met several purposes: general open and closed storage, a home for a new flat screen TV with room for various peripherals, CDs and DVDs, lit display for the clients’ pottery and space for serving food when entertaining.

The Solution: InHouse designed a long contemporary entertainment and display cabinet with a solid mahogany base and two rectangular protruding volumes dramatically sheathed in Hot Mottled Makore wood. One horizontal volume houses all the entertainment equipment while a smaller vertical cabinet (partially shown to the left of Photo E5) displays the pottery. The play between the protruding volumes, their active veneer, and the mahogany base (which provides additional storage) offers a welcome rhythm along the formerly bare wall of this rather wide new room. Electrical and wire management needs were addressed as well.

Contemporary Entertainment and Display CabinetPhoto E-5: Media/Storage Cabinet
Contemporary Entertainment and Display CabinetPhoto E-6: Media/Storage Cabinet