Mark Dutka and InHouse Design Studio

“Most homes contain space with untapped potential and it’s my job to identify and enhance these spaces to maximize their value for the newly identified use.” – Mark Dutka

InHouse Design Studio is owned by Mark Dutka, a nationally recognized interior designer. In addition to general interior design services, Mark’s work is often devoted to the creation of specialized residential environments such as home offices, media/entertainment rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, fireplace surrounds and wall bed systems. Mark is an expert at combining both ergonomics and technology into his design solutions while producing stunning and highly functional spaces. His work appears in many homes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and has appeared in numerous publications. Mark is a two time “Best of Houzz” winner.

Forefront of Interior Design

Mark’s design solutions reflect the ever-evolving interests of his 21st century clients, often incorporating the latest technology into his entertainment centers, home offices and libraries, photography studios, and other specialized residential spaces.

Mark’s broad experience results in designs which complement his clients’ lifestyle, accommodating both their leisure/hobby and work activities in a functional yet aesthetically pleasing package.

When designing a custom home office, for instance, Mark says, “It’s just as important for me to understand my clients’ work style and habits, as it is the actual equipment they intend to use. Determining what excites them, and what doesn’t work for them, is what allows me to create solutions that appeal to their true emotional, functional and aesthetic needs”. A glance at the InHouse Design Studio Portfolio demonstrates Mark’s beautiful interior design work and his exquisite attention to detail in a multitude of aesthetic styles.

Mark Dutka’s Background

With Masters degrees in City Planning and Social Work and a subsequent BFA in Interior Architecture, Mark became an interior designer after a successful career as a city planner and housing developer. Mark’s BFA in Interior Architecture is from the California College of Arts and Crafts (now California College of the Arts) where he was named a “Recent Graduate of Distinction.” a few years after embarking upon his career in Interior Design.
Mark says his social work training often comes in handy, enabling him to intimately hear and clarify a couple’s often diverging design vision, and work on suitable compromises so that the design process can proceed.

Mark first worked as an interior designer for Gary Hutton Design in San Francisco. In 1995, he founded InHouse Furniture & Design, a furniture and design store for quality home office furniture which was a scarce commodity at the time. In 2001, the store evolved into InHouse Design Studio, a venue for custom furniture and cabinetry design with a specialty in home offices, media rooms and entertainment centers, home libraries and other specialized residential environments. In 2010, Mark opened a second InHouse Design Studio location based in The Sea Ranch, a famous architecturally unique, eco-sensitive, planned residential community on the northern coast of Sonoma County. He splits his time between the two studios.

In the News

Mark has designed a line of furniture for Directions, a prominent manufacturer of contemporary residential furnishings. His work has been featured in numerous publications including: The New York Times, Fine Home Building, Sunset Magazine, California Home and Design, This Old House Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle, Furniture Today, “New Workplaces for New Workstyles” and “Practical Home office Solutions” (both by Marilyn Zelinsky) and “The Organized Home” (by Leslie Clagett). Mark is a two time “Best of Houzz” winner for both design and customer service.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about the work of interior designer Mark Dutka, please contact InHouse Design Studio at: (415) 824-9266 (San Francisco Studio).